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We are among the prominent organization in the industry for providing the best Construction and Interior designs to meet the requirements of clients. These are realized by highly experienced professionals as per industrial quality standards. These services are known for their exceptional quality and budget-friendly pricing.


To become the client’s first choice always by using the finest materials and creating an outstanding workmanship in construction works and interior execution. We want to be recognized as a quality driven design consultancy services business in both construction and Interiors and focused on servicing our Client relationships with both creative & professional project management.

About Us

Desire Home Interiors and DH Home makers are construction and interior making firm based in Kerala trustfully with 10 years experience in construction and interior field. We are committed to design excellence, responsibility and sustainability. We mainly focussed on exterior design and interior of home, shop, office etc. Desire Home Interiors completes projects tailored to the individual styles and needs of its clients, on budget and on time.


We aim to be the most innovative and customer oriented design firm that consistently deliver eco-friendly world class finishes in our exterior and interior making concepts. We want to be a quality driven design consultancy services business in both Interiors and Architecture in the hospitality, corporate, residential and retail markets for qualified Clients in Kerala.

Interiors inspired by innovation

Civil Construction of Houses , Villas & Resorts

We are proudly engaged in satiating the demands of our customers for a beautiful home with attractive and high quality construction and interior Designing services. We provide services like Plan and 3d Image Visualisation, Modular Kitchen, Civil Construction for Residetial House & Villas, Bed with Side Table, False Ceiling, Lcd Panel and Display Modules, Landscaping with Cement Modeling Works, Beauty Parlour and Shops Interiors, Bedroom Wardrobes, Turnkey Projects. These services are crafted from an idea to a reality by our trained and skilled who are well known for their amazing creative thinking and outlook.


Traditional House

We are adept in Vastu based traditional architecture of Kerala like Nalukettu & Ettukettu houses with features like Nadumuttam, Mukhappu & Traditional pillar works.

Vasthu based construction for prosperity

Vasthu is the ancient Indian science of buildings which specifies how best the environmental energy can be utilized to benefit the inhabitants. The size of the buildings including its length, breadth and height and the shape of building are very important in Vasthu based positioning.
The size and shape of the building and the orientation based on the location are as significant as the availability of good light, plentiful of water and purity of air in the area. In modern constructions too one can adapt the Vasthu principles without compromising on the comfort element. Apart from protecting us from rain, hot sun, cold conditions and other dangers, the house should offer us better health, wealth and prosperity. Vasthu vidya ensures good measurement and shape suitable to each location which will definitely yield good results. The following are the major points to be taken into account while designing a building for our dwelling.
South West Corner (Kannimoola):
Indian Vasthu-shastra as well as its Chinese counter part Feng-Shui recognizes the South West corner as the most important part in building designing. It should never be vacant or with lower weight. There should never be any water bodies like well, tank and sump in that area.
A depth in South West corner of the land will lead to financial difficulties and excessive expenditure. The progress and prosperity will be affected if a kitchen, toilet, bath room or a chimney is positioned in South West. This corner is most suitable for master bedroom.
Southern Portion:
A projection in any form like verandah, rooms, car porch, toilet, chimney etc.to the South side of the building will lead to financial difficulties and mental disturbances. It will also affect the blood pressure and sleep. A dip in South East corner will definitely affect the mental health of the inhabitants.
Western Portion:
Projection to West as well as a dip in Western side has direct bearing on the memory power of the inhabitants. It also affects the progress, prosperity and education of children.
Position of Kitchen:
South East is the position of fire (Agni corner) and is the most suitable for kitchen. However since the wind flow in Kerala is mostly from the West and South-West, preference is given to the North-East (Sivan-moola) which is considered to be suitable for food preparations. The chimney/stove shall be positioned in such a way that the person cooking is facing either East or North direction.
Position of Bedrooms:
The most suitable portion for the master bedroom is the South-West. The bed shall be placed to ensure that the head is always towards South or East and that the cot is never across a door opening. A door opening across the bed position will lead to joint pains and arthritic difficulties. The second bed room can be on the western side or Southern side. However, a bed room is not advisable on South East corner.
Importance of measurements:
Measurements of the building as well as that of the rooms therein are as important as the positioning. Correct measurements will ensure synchronized air flow in the rooms and help increase the positive energy therein. This has of course, a direct bearing on the health of the inhabitants. The rooms with rectangle shapes are much better than the rooms with square shape. As far as the shape of the building is concerned one has to be very careful. Projections to South or to West are always negative and a projection to East from the Southern end is always positive.


• Vasthu Consultants
• Sthaanam Nokkal
• Kuttiyadikkal
• Floor Plan
• 3D Visualisation
• Construction
• Electrical & Plumbing jobs
• Automation & Security concern
• Landscaping with drive way, Compound wall, Gate and Cement Sculpturing works
• Interior plan and 3D Visualising
• Modular Kitchen, Crockery Shelf
• Wash Counters ,wall nisches and curtain modules
• False ceiling with lighting, LCD panels
• Special Effect painting for walls
• Bed & side tables, Wardrobes
• Bedroom Decoration with panelling
• Curtains,Customized setties and all Interior jobs for shops, offices and beauty parlours.

Dream. Create. Live.

Our Projects

Our company is among the most sought after providing civil construction works and Home Interior Designing to the clients. We are very proud to say about our satisfied customers.At Desire home we have a wide range of customers, who are satisfied by our valuable services.Percept is full service architecture, our focus is a client and user centered approach.

Completed Projects

Location :Kodungallur
Area :3400 sft.

Location :Nattika
Area :2090 Sft.

Location :Perinjanam
Area :2900 Sft


Area:2950 Sft.



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We are engaged in providing best services of Construction works and Interior Designs. The Construction works and Interior Designs are provided by us to clients as per their requirements and specifications. We provide these services after taking in consideration the budget of the clients.Desire Home Interiors is located at Munnupeedika,Thrisssur. We are maintaining a good relationship with clients from the very beginning. We are committed to using natural quality raw materials by our vendors.


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We build <span>CREATIVITY</span>


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Design is knowing which ones to keep.

We makes your Home <span>PERFECT</span>

We makes your Home PERFECT

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

Creating the art of  <span>STYLISH LIVING. </span>

Creating the art of STYLISH LIVING.

Design without limits, creativity guaranteed.

Exceptional homes for exceptional people.

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Construction & Interiors

We are among the prominent organization in the industry for providing the best Construction and Interior designs to meet the requirements of clients. These are realized by highly experienced professionals as per industrial quality standards. These services are known for their exceptional quality and budget-friendly pricing.


Choose suitable turn key projects that offering you, plan and design, all materials, all kind of labours, professional services like electrical and plumbing, all automation jobs, solar systems, land scaping and many more services, to perfect occupation with one year service warranty.


We are one of leading service providers, engaged in delivering attractive Interior Design Services to our valued clients.We helps you to build your dream home with an attractive interior and exterior designs.


We have a team for design your home like a trendsetter model. we are using standard materials of the trusted companies, its giving us more satisfaction with 1 year free service warranty, and life time service in a call away.